Feb 13, 2004
>> I don't know... what words I can say....

Your Sesshoumaru! you are calm and collected and you don't show any emotion at all. But inside we all know you are a softy, it's just a matter of showing it to everyone else. Be open once in a while and maybe even date one of your many fans!

" Are you a good friend???" - Results:
Your the perfect friend,your tight with your friends but not possesive.You and your best buds can still handle being apart though you really enjoy each others company. No matter what their always there for you and your always there for them.................Please rate my quiz

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Jan 12, 2004
Compatible? I think not...


The following table divides a general personality into four aspects. Your personality aspects are shown in the middle column of the table. Each aspect's compatiblity with Rei is shown in the far-right column, and you can look at these to get a rough idea of your overall compatiblity.

Your Personality Aspects:
Aspect Category Your Aspect Compatibility With Rei

You are most like the Evangelion character: Shinji Ikari

You are a Submissive Introvert, just like the timid Shinji Ikari. Although you match up well with Rei in this respect, you might find initial encounters difficult, as is with most Submissive Introverts like Shinji and Rei. However, once you develop a relationship with her, you'll find that you and Rei have a lot in common, and with some time you'll be able to relate to one another.

You are 85% compatible with Rei.

Well, it is a good personality test....

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Dec 22, 2003
>> We must reassess the current situation...

The current situation is too hot. We do not have enough intelligence to make decent decisions, we are failing. We are falling into the shadows from the unknown, and death. We are falling. The five, Ascura, Airen, Doros, Kerison, Xyunta. I have decided my core being is made up of those five parts. Like the five points of the pentagon. Xyunta has just recently been named, last night in fact, in the midst of my attempted slumber.

I am an ungracious bigot.

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Dec 16, 2003
>> Take two and call me in the morning....

Whatever happened to that anyway? Why is it take two of those, and this and this and this and this? I don't understand, because it doesn't make sense to me.

I managed to piss off everyone at whatever I do. Everyone. And then I can beat a dead horse until it's dead twice over. That's my two worldly skills. Pissing people off, and repeating myself over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. That's all I seem to do. That and piss people off at the littlest thing, and then in the process of amending the failure repeat. over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. This could be why I hate my nature, my essence, my being. The entirety of my body is tainted with some abstract mentioning of some greater factor, that I can't see. I haven't found my calling one may say. I hold myself up to something I don't see, and therefore I fail because I do not know what I hold myself too. It has been determined. I just overthink overanalyze, overkill, over everything and anything and moreso each day.

I hate myself, and if wasn't banned from damaging myself or dying, I probably would be doing either at the time. I hate myself as a whole. The blackest hole, sucking the very happiness around me down to place unknown.

- Doros *hack, cough, hack* Out

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Dec 14, 2003
>> Like an elk died in here...

Getting sick. Willingness to do anything beyond talk to Kay and Dee beyond me. So tired. Tiredness equals lack of writing ability. Listened to Jet Set way too many times. Yarrgh....

- Doros *cough, hack* out.

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Dec 13, 2003
>> Oh, I'm sorry about the concrete column, he must have clipped his head on the way out...

Well, I think I'm a little more content than average. I got to take out my affection frustrations on Kayla. Affection as in be very, very, very huggy and w3rd overall, and I act very, very funny. I wish I could have done it for real. I think I'm also buying into that there is the scant possibility that I am "cute." When you see it like thirty times in a row in reference to you from a girl you love very much so... It sinks in a little bit. I still wish with all the wishpower I've got that I could have done it for real though, and show equal affection to Dee..... argh... so frustrating to be so close yet so far.

Definite time for a Road Trip. Febuary's the planned date, I've got like $300 saved up to go, but I'm fairly sure that I'll lose a good $100 buying both Dee and Kay gifts, and maybe another twenty buying other people gifts. It's so hard though I don't know what they would want. I'm thinking I should send them both a good picture that I drew, to do as they pleased, or something. I also want to send a cute lovable stuffed animal to both of them. I like stuffed animals. Like my Sly for instance. He's coming with me to Texas. I picked out a college today too, some good ol' cheap generic university. I don't care I want to be with Dee and Kay. My priorities is to go to College near Dee and Kay, Get a job near Dee and Kay, and give them both anything and everything.

Back to presents, I need to find some good ones. As many good ones as I can find. I can't weigh my whole wallet on this because I need to have money to visit them over Febuary break. I just can't wait.

- Doros Out

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>> As the eyes of the Phoenix loom upon you....

I really am getting urges to sell my Phoenix, everyone's losing a leg and an eye over it. *sighs* No post for yesturday. To fucking busy and uncaring. I got to talk to Dee and Kay though... was fun. I could talk to them for as long as they wanted me too, but I had to kinda get some sleep. *sighs* I wish I was there with them.. would make my life a lot better and different.

/Shortest Post Ever.

-Doros Out

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Dec 11, 2003
>> A quaint setting for a ancient evil...

Great fucking night really. I managed to get Kayla way pissed off at me because I wouldn't tell her what I want for Christmas. I don't know why she got so angry though, I'm still in sorry shape from it. I don't want to tell her because I don't want her to buy it for me. I'd feel terrible like I was using her to gain something, and she gives me enough to make me feel guilty enough already. I can't stand why I manage to always make people angry, even when I try to be nice. I try to be nice and I make people angry, I try to do anything and I make people angry. I just want to stop. I'd trade all the money in the world to learn how to stop making people angry all the time.

I hate myself alot more than usual. I'd probably be beating myself on anything and everything except that was vetoed from both of them unanimously. I fucking hate my moron factor. I won't post what it is that I wanted(<< Note that ED) because eventually... This blog will be found. I was about a sliver from breaking down into a total wreck last night, it was almost like I was waiting for it to come.

@Kayla: I'm really sorry. I don't know why you got angry.... but I'm really sorry....

Not much else happened between now and the last post. More later, with possible Ascura intervention.

- Doros out

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Dec 10, 2003
>> What other gift do you by a machine...

Christmas time is coming, so I need to find something like $50 of gifts for Kayla and Dee each. The question is, what would they want. Hmm... oh well, I'll be making some trips to the mall or something, so I dunno. Maybe I'll find some cool things, some cute things, and the pic I scanned in.  Oh well, if they like one thing out of the bunch I'll be pleased that I'm not totally incompetent in picking gifts.

I really do feel like a moron all the time. I was crying tonight on the way back from the referee recertifications, knowing that all I wanted was to like... live near Kayla and Dee... and go to College, get a job, and give Kayla and Dee anything and everything they want. That's pretty much my life plan at the moment. I really don't care abo... adfjsjhajsdfhjkadf

okay, Ascura here, I'm going to save Dor's sorry butt here and tell him like it is. Like nearly every girl that you've been in friendly or better terms with has told you to get a girlfriend. I mean come on seriously. *grabs Dor by the shoulders and shakes some sense into him* For crying out loud already, maybe you wouldn't be so depressed if you had a girlfriend. And what? Then you would fail AP English? *smacks some sense into you* It doesn't matter. Everyone around you wants to see you friggan happy and you better or I'...... *static*

.... Got to remember not to let people read over my mental shoulder.

- Doros out.

(And yes, writing as Ascura is mighty bizarre.)

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>> Tactically it was a success...

I hate myself today more than usual. Yes, there is a difference. I start off with a crappy waking up, not able to find my pullover, so I spent a good twenty minutes on that before scarfing down breakfast. Not cool. The bus ride was lame, and I fell asleep for twenty seconds. Then in Trig I get information that I failed a quiz and I'm pretty much done for the day. Move on through study hall, where I practically slept while listening to the songs Homeworld (Yes), Statement of Intent (BIS), and good ol' Hiru no Tsuki. I love that song. I really do.

(From memory)
I don't know.
What words I can say,
The wind has a way,
To talk to me.

the wind (<<not sure) talks in a silent lullaby,
I wait for reply,
I'm ready.
(/From memory)

I really like that song, it's like universally great for calming when you feel bad. And yes, it's in Japanese, so you're going to just have to enjoy the lovely harp-playing, and violin. The person that sings this has a pretty voice too..... << Wow I never thought I'd be writing like this -.-

Moving on to more suck. I get to AP English and I do nothing. I don't talk, I don't do anything except answer one question. Calculus too. I've got refree recertification tonight as well, even  though I don't think I'll ref past spring. Oh yeah, I want to get my teeth done during April vacation, and visit Dee and Kayla over Febuary break. I really do. I don't know if I'll be able, and if I don't... I think I'll cry. I really want to go meet them, even though I'll be only able for a few hours because they have school n'stuff... but it'd be awesome. *sighs and wishes* I wish I could be like a Rafin, being able to manipulate, create, control, modify and destroy at will. Then I could make Dee and Kayla happy because I could be there when they needed me, and gone when they didn't, and I could make them anything they wanted..... *sigh*

1337 art of the moment: http://www.deviantart.com/view/4174100/
Yay! SG-1 roxors!


-Doros out (More later, maybe Ascura will get the keyboard *shivers in fear*)

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